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Qualified UKA Run Group Leader of Cale Green Runners running group. I am going to be taking the UKA Run Coach Qualifications throughout 2012 - Cale Green Runners is now also listed on the RunEngland.org - Click here to view

I am also undergoing a training course to become a Personal Trainer - Pleae click here to see my Personal Training Website, DalyFitness.co.uk

I am also the main Fitness Trainer for Athle-Fit Stockport - Click here to view

I am also in the July 12 edition of Northern Running Guides Spotlight - Click here to view

18th September 2011 - Completed the English Half Marathon in Warrington - Time of 2:39:35
04th December 2011 - Competed in the Liverpool Santa Dash (10K)
20th May 2012 - 75Min Pace Runner in the BUPA 10k Greater Manchester Run (Completed 75:04)
9th June 2012 - Organiser of a 5K FunRun at Decathlon Stockport - Day a success
24th June 2012 - Olympic Torch Bearer Steward (Stockport)
16th September 2012 - Running in the BUPA Great North Run - courtesy of BUPA running
23rd September 2012 - Running in the Sheffield 101010 (10K) - courtesy of nouriSH me now
7th October 2012 - Completed the MBNA Chester Marathon - Time of 5:41:18
21st October 2012 - Organiser of a 5K FunRun at Decathlon Stockport - Day a success
3rd March 2013 - Completed the Anglesey Half Marathon - Time of 2:27:24 (Personal Best))
6th April 2013 - Participated in a Run England photo shoot and Run Leader video interview
28th April 2013 - Completed the Manchester Marathon - Time of 5:23:32 (Personal Best)
26th May 2013 - Completed the BUPA Great Manchester Run (10K) - Time of 1:07:00
14th July 2013 - Completed the We Love MCR KSwiss 10K - Time of 1:02:57
8th September 2013 - Completed the Salford 10K - Time of 00:57:24
28th September 2013 - Attended UKA Coaching Conference and AthleFIT workshop
28th September 2013 - Now a qualified AthleFIT Leader - See AthleFIT Stockport for class details
6th October 2013 - Lead support Bike No 4 at Chester Marathon 2013 (25.69 mi completed in 02:26:44)
9th November 2013 - Attended Sports 1st Aid and AED (Auto External Defib) course - Now qualified
6th April 2014 - Completed the Manchester Marathon - Time of 4:53:09 (Personal Best)
18th May 2014 - Lead Support Bike No 3 at Chester Half Marathon 2014 (13.2 mi completed in 01:12:38)
11th August 2014 - Opportunity from the Running Bug to test and report on the new TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch - see my Twitter account for details @rundaly
11th August 2014 - Blog published from one of my May 2014 Walk2Run group members - click here
13th August 2014 - Confirmation received from blindsport.org that I am now a registered Guide Runner
21st September 2014 - 3 Hour Pace Marker at English Half Marathon (Completed 02:58:08)
23rd November 2014 - Completed the Conway Half Marathon - Time of 2:16:02 (Personal Best)
25th November 2014 - Registered Run Event Race Pacer with racepacing.com
19th April 2015 - Completed the Manchester Marathon - Time of 4:56:18
14th July 2015 - Started Guide Running with a local visually impaired runner on 8 Week Walk2Run
July 2015 - Advising local half marathon organisers and supplying Pace Runners - Hatters Half
6th Sept 2015 - Running the Hatters Half Marathon as a 3HR Backmarker and Motivator. Also organised and supplied pacing team for Stockport Hatters Half Marathon.
20th Sept 2015 - Participated in the LadyBower 50 Ultra Marathon
4th Oct 2015 - Lead Safety Support Biker at Chester Metric Marathon
11th Oct 2015 - Completed the Scarborough 10K (Pacing) - Time of 01:07:05
20th Mar 2016 - Became a fully qualfied Fitness BootCamp Instructor
2nd April 2016 - Became a member of The Institute of Personal Trainers
4th Sept 2016 - Organised and supplied pacing team for Stockport Hatters Half Marathon.
16th October 2016 - Participated in the Great Birmingham Run as a member of Team TomTom
12th February 2017 - Completed the Manchester Winter 10K - Time of 00:56:30 (Personal Best)
2nd April 2017 - Completed the Greater Manchester Marathon


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